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Restaurant Spotlight

If you have lived in Holland for a while I am sure you have tried Crazy Horse. It is a very popular steakhouse in the area which results in a very busy restaurant. If you have been wanting to try this amazing food but didn't want to have to wait to be seated, now is the perfect time! They are doing curbside pick up! You can either give them a call at 616-395-8393 or order online here! You will not be disappointed!

Crazy house is a locally owned restaurant that started in 1997. They are very committed to their community, in fact they offer fundraising opportunities! If you want more information on that, check it out! Also the first thing most people notice when they walk in is all the dollar bills on the wall! Customers pin them up on the wall (sometimes with a special message) and a couple times a year the employees take them down and donate the money to a charity.

Crazy Horse is all about community and giving back. Order takeout today and support an amazing local restaurant!

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