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Fixer Upper Exclusive Before-and-After Pics

Joanna Gaines may be done with "Fixer Upper," but she's far from done designing homes. As proof, look no further than her latest masterpiece: a five-bed, 3.5-bath house for sale in Waco, TX, for $529,000.

Listed by Magnolia Realty, the real estate company owned by Joanna and her husband, Chip, this 3,153-square-foot Tudor-ranch-style home was fully designed by Jo, who gushed on Instagram, "I loved working on this charming house and I'm excited to finally share it!"

To be sure, the pics are really nice, showing a wraparound fireplace, walk-through pantry and all-white kitchen. Still, we got to wondering what the house looked like before Jo got her hands on it. How bad off was it, and what did she have to do to polish it up to "Fixer Upper"-level greatness?

Lucky for us, we at® have access to the before and after shots. And boy, when you compare the new and old photos, room by room, the difference pre- and post-Jo is startling! If there was ever a tutorial of how to turn a house from a sad, drab flashback into a fully modernized mecca of farmhouse chic, these pics tell you exactly what you need to do to make that happen. Look and learn, folks!

Remove the wood paneling, pronto

Wood paneling was so hot in the 1970s, but now it's just dated, dark, and dreary. So, no surprise that Jo ripped it all out of this kitchen, which does wonders to lighten and brighten this space. She then replaced the countertops, backsplash tiles, and cabinets with white, white, white, to really wipe this slate clean.

Rip down that wallpaper, too

Jo doesn't only hate wood paneling, she hates wallpaper. Can you blame her? Down come those floral prints, so that the wraparound fireplace can truly take center stage, next to a clean white sliding barn door.

Lose the wall-to-wall carpet

It's hard to say what's the worst part about this before photo: the plaid sofa, the deer head, or that wall-to-wall beige carpet smothering the floor. (Our pick: the deer head!) Suffice to say Joanna purges all of it and goes

hardwood all the way.

Replace beige wood details for more black-and-white

This bedroom full of beige wood looks pretty blah ... but Joanna's makeover of a white backdrop with a black ceiling fan, fixtures, and other elements looks much more modern. She also lost those slanted louvers on the closet doors.

Add new fixtures and tile to the bathroom

Gah, even the bathroom has wallpaper! Jo rips that down and paints this room white. She also adds tile to the once hardwood floor to make it pop, and a new faucet and fixtures.

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